Weekly Fishing Report, Turkey

Very slow reports on the Fall Turkey Season in Rhode Island ?Conn. Broodstock Atlantic Salmon Stocking Update; Thur. Oct.9th the Naugatuck River received 2 and 3 year old Atlantic Salmon.Apply for your permits for Ice Fishing Derby dates now while they are available from your state Dem. Maine Moose season opened Sept.22 Narragansett Bay is loaded with Peanut Bunker and Anchovies now! Cape Cod Canal is very good at the Scussett Beach end with White Atoms Poppers, For the Albie Tuna on Swedish Pimples and Deadly Dicks, Kastmasters with feathers is also good. Whitetail Deer Archery season started in most States ,Sept. 15th and Crossbows are included. Check your States abstracts for this. We have some woman ( Kristen, Ann and Marie) hunters out for a wild turkey first time with a bow, 1 missed, stayed tuned. Start planning for the fall runs of Stripers on the Narragansett Bay and the Salmon in Pulaski, New York Steelie reports are now coming in.
Candlewood Lakes, Conn. is in top 50 in the Country. 50/50 chance of a 5lb Smallie or Largemouth ! Take a Veteran Fishing !
Tautog season is open in the Mass. R.I. For Conn. Oct.10th 4 fish limit & 16 inch, Scup opened May 1st till Dec.31st, 2014 all tri-state region. Black Sea Bass is now open in all three states,13 inch,R.I and Conn.and 14 inch in Mass. and Fluke starts now too in the Tri-States. Check you're abstracts.

Striper fishing around Block Island is really dead. Largemouth Bass are now staging for cold water tactics. Slab shiners or big swimbaits

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

P K Lures Field Trials coming up.

I had a meeting with the owner and sales manager of, P K Lures this week and will be doing some live Fall Field Trials at selected Fresh and Salt Waters and will give a Honest report on our Radio Broadcast of the Award Winning, 'Outdoor Scene' WNRI.COM similar to other manufactures in the past. I am really excited by being selected for this task in New England from a large company in Wyoming, USA . Yes the USA, The owner has been designing and field testing his products over 30 years. Great informative Web -Site. In my Ice Fishing segment of the show last winter of the Top 5 Lures for Ice Fishing one of his models  (Flutterfish) finished 2nd in New England. The owner made me aware of the total line-up that his company can offer a serious fisher, both Fresh & Salt, plus the Ice Fishing domination, here and in our neighbor Canada where the companies pre- season orders are up 30% over last year.
As our listeners know, I try to favor Rhode Island and New England Manufactures first. In this case because of the commitment and passion for what this fine company conveyed to me in our early discussions I am even posting their Web -Site on ours for a link to check them out and to see and read about who and what the brand is and if you think you should add a few to your arsenal of choices. Retail Dealers , and Bass Fishing Clubs, Fish and Game Clubs are also welcome. Let me see Stripers or big fall trout. No,I will try jigging some nice small mouth ( Bronzebacks) at Wallum Lake, Pascoag, R.I. The larger ones at the bottom I will be trolling with at Webster Lake, Mass. and Beach Pond , Exeter, R.I and shares with Conn.   Say hello on the water or the boat ramp and I will also give you one to field trial, Wayne

New Hampshire 'Let's Go Fishing' Program Seeks Volunteer Fishing Instructors : The Outdoor Wire

New Hampshire 'Let's Go Fishing' Program Seeks Volunteer Fishing Instructors : The Outdoor Wire