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Oswego, New York Fall Run is Game On ! Pulaski, Salmon River, pick your favorite for a fish of a lifetime.Fall Gobbler Poult count is now needed by all New England DEM'S. Thank You to our limit of 5,000 Face Book Friends and a additional 813,497 Views on this Web-Site.
Wachusett Reservoir, Mass. ice permitting will close Nov. 30 2015, Quabbin Reservoir will close Oct. 17, 2015 Conn. Fall Trout Stocking is now starting. Atlantic Salmon also.Plan a trip for Walleye in Conn. 12 bodies of water stocked, just before dark along the shoreline with live bait or a crankbait. Great tasting freshwater fish. Beach Pond in Rhode Island has a few now also, new walleye Nutmeg State record iced out in Feb. Some great e-mails and photos of the great catfish catches in the Nutmeg State.Thank You Conn. Deep.
Massachusetts fall trout stocking has started, check abstract on the right of this page. Fresh water opportunities, on Cape Cod, Mass. such as Peters Pond, Achumet, Hamblin's, Spectacle, Long Pond and Big Cliff will reward you with a nice trout or bronzeback. Add a Cape Cod Canal Striper on the way home. Whitetail Deer reports in Vermont resulted in a few changes.
Candlewood Lakes, Conn. is in top 50 in the Country. 50/50 chance of a 5lb Smallie or Largemouth ! Take a Veteran Fishing !
Coyotes have packed up and will pick off the weak. Be kind to the Possum now .Gestation is only 12 days and mom may have up to 15 1oz. babies in her pouch. I have received 58 different Black Bear sightings,(some with photos) from Rhode Island. E-mail them to me with date and place and if with cubs. Three different sightings in R.I on 7-24-15 How many do you think are in the Ocean State year round ? Try Carp fishing with Marshmallow and Maise you could be surprised with a 30lb. fresh water fish ! Freshen up with new fishing line and please use circle hooks to eliminate a injury. If you are going to fill a void and try for one of the big carp remember, ( NO) lip lock tool or lifting from their delicate gill plates which may be fatal. Use the Carp nets that will save the fish for another fisher.
Tautog in R.I.16 inch, 3 fish till Oct.17 then 6 fish from Oct.18 to Dec.15 Conn. Tautog is closed re-opens Oct. 10th till Dec.6 16 inch 4 fish limit. Massachusetts 3 fish 16 inch year round.
Head boats out of Point Judith, Gallilee switch to Bluefish or Fluke .Cod Trips starting.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Vermont's Moose Lottery Drawing July 17 : The Outdoor Wire

Vermont's Moose Lottery Drawing July 17 : The Outdoor Wire

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