Weekly Fishing Report, Turkey

Try planning a trip for Walleye in Conn. 12 bodies of water stocked, just before dark along the shoreline with live bait or a crankbait. Great table freshwater fish.Beach Pond in Rhode Island has a few now also, Thank You Conn. Deep. Broodstock Atlantic Salmon Stocking Update; Thur. Nov.6th the Naugatuck River received 2lbs to 15lbs Atlantic Salmon.40 Lower- 40 upper and the Shetucket 80 fish, Again ave 8 lbs. Total 2014 -1,250 Salmon. Walleye fingerlings in 12 bodies of water last week in Conn. Apply for your permits for Ice Fishing Derby dates now while they are available from your state Dem. Cape Cod Canal is very quiet but fresh water opportunities, such as Peters Pond, Achumet, Hamblin's, Spectacle, Long Pond and Big Cliff will reward you with a nice fall trout or bronzeback. Whitetail Deer Archery season started in most States ,Sept. 15th and Crossbows are included. Check your States abstracts for this. We have some woman ( Kristen, Ann and Marie) hunters out for a Whitetail, stayed tuned. Steelhead and some trout in Pulaski, New York
Candlewood Lakes, Conn. is in top 50 in the Country. 50/50 chance of a 5lb Smallie or Largemouth ! Take a Veteran Fishing !
Tautog season is open in the Mass. R.I. for Conn. Oct.10th 16 inch, Scup opened May 1st till Dec.31st, 2014 all tri-state region. Black Sea Bass is now open in all three states,13 inch,R.I and Conn.and 14 inch in Mass. and Fluke starts now too in the Tri-States. White fish and Hake showing up in Mass. Check you're abstracts. Try inflated nightcrawlers at Wallum Lake for a big Brown. I have received 3 different Black Bear sightings,(some with photos) from Deer hunters in Rhode Island. E-mail them to me with date and place and if with cubs. How many do you think are in the Ocean State year round ?

Striper fishing around Block Island is really dead. Largemouth Bass are now staging for cold water tactics. Slab shiners or big swimbaits

Monday, July 7, 2014

Vermont's Moose Lottery Drawing July 17 : The Outdoor Wire

Vermont's Moose Lottery Drawing July 17 : The Outdoor Wire

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